When Should I Consider Refractive Surgery?

Eye surgery, also called ocular surgery, is a cosmetic surgery done on the eye itself or some of its associated structures, usually by an optometrist. The eye is such a delicate organ and needs extreme care before, during, and after a particular surgical procedure to avoid or minimize further damage to the eye. It is also very common for eye surgery to be accompanied by such procedures as cataract surgery (a type of lens removal), corneal surgery (cleaning the front surface of the cornea), blepharoplasty (to correct myopia or astigmatism), conjunctivitis (irritation of the eye caused by foreign objects), eyelid surgery (to lift and reposition the eyelids), laser eye surgery (for cosmetic enhancement), or glaucoma surgery (to remove the blood supply to the eye). These are just some of the most common surgeries done to the eye, you can visit this site for more info.

Generally, eye surgery is either performed in an operating room under general anesthesia or in a hospital by a specialist called an oculoplastic surgeon, read more on this article. General anesthesia is when the patient is unaware of what is going on. This means that the general procedure can be very fast – a matter of minutes. This type of anesthesia is combined with monitoring devices such as video monitors that show the patient’s eyes as they heal. Sometimes, local anesthesia is used, which requires a break in the procedure for a period of time and a small amount of sedation.

General anesthesia makes a person unconscious but does not prevent him or her from making any movements necessary to recover. When it is performed for eye surgery, the doctor places an intravenous line inside the vein near the eye, so that he or she can begin to treat it immediately. The person can feel some pain after the procedure, but this soon goes away. In addition, the patient can be asked to provide an accurate, detailed description of how the procedure went, so that the doctor can make sure the appropriate sedation dosage was used and that all other factors were optimal.

A laser eye surgery is a much faster procedure. It can take only ten minutes or so for the surgeon to complete. During the procedure, he or she will insert a laser into the eye to remove excess tissue and to flatten areas where the cornea meets the eye. An instrument known as a prk is then inserted into the eye. This will contain the laser. Once the work has been placed into the eye, the doctor holds the prk in place with pressure, while a bandage-like substance covering it protects the eye from the laser.

Then comes the next step – the corrective eye surgery. This removes glasses or contact lenses that are not aligned with the vision problems. Then, the contact lens or glasses is replaced with a new pair. The advantage of this particular eye surgery is that you will get a new prescription that takes into account your corrected vision. There are sometimes other procedures that are performed along with the refractive eye surgery in order to correct other vision problems.

Before you can know whether you are a good candidate for this type of operation, it is important to find a qualified doctor. Make sure that you research at least three doctors before making an appointment to have this procedure done. You also need to find out what pre-operative instructions the doctor has for you. Many surgeons will give a general list of what you should do prior to the procedure. Make sure that you follow these instructions exactly. If the doctor does not give you specific instructions, you need to ask him or her for help or you may wind up causing damage to the eyes or even losing your sight.

To understand more about this subject, see this related post: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Refractive_surgery.

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